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Trusted CNY ¥10 online – Get the best-undetected money online valid both nationally and internationally safe and legit. If you are in China and in need of Chinese Renminbi on an urgent basis but don’t have enough currency to avail that, feel free to contact us, we will definitely help you out. We offer CNY ¥10 for sale at the most affordable price.

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What is the current exchange rate between USD and CNY?

The current exchange rate between the US Dollar and the Chinese Yuan Renminbi is 1 USD = 7.1390 CNY.

Can I see historical conversion rates for USD to CNY?

Yes, you can see historical conversion rates from US Dollars to Chinese Yuan Renminbi on the US Dollar to Chinese Yuan Renminbi history page. ValutaFX has 10 years of history for most currency pairs. You can select the specific year for which you wish to see the historical exchange rates. Once you see the historical exchange rate graph appear, scroll anywhere along the graph line to see the historical exchange rate for that particular day in that year.


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