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Buy GBP £5 Online

Buy GBP £5 OnlineThe British Pound or Pound sterling is the official currency of the United Kingdom (also called the UK and Great Britain). The currency code for British Pound is GBP and the symbol is  £. Because of the close proximity to the European Area, the most popular GBP exchange is with Euro.

It is the most valuable currency in Europe. Currency notes of GBP are available in the following denominations  1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. However, the £1 and £100 notes are rarely found in circulation. The currency British Pound prepaid forex cards, however, can be loaded with an odd amount as well. Travelers proceeding to England/UK should purchase British Pounds.

You can purchase GBP in India in the form of currency notes, traveler's cheques, and forex cards from You can send money to the UK from India by either purchasing GBP demand drafts or by doing a GBP wire transfer.

Popular names include the Pound Sterling, Sterling, Quid, Cable, and Nicker for the British Pound. As well as one of the most widely converted currencies, the British Pound is the oldest currency still in existence today. All of the Falkland Islands, Gibraltar, and Saint Helena are pegged at GBP par.

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