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How can I Buy a Visa Gift Card Online

What are prepaid debit cards?

Buy a Visa Gift Card Online.When you are running out of time to buy presents for friends and family and you don’t want to get it wrong, it is just a good idea to stick to Gift Cards that allow the recipients to use the card any way they like-to shop, dine out or for entertainment.

Gift Cards are prepaid cards offered by leading banks, where all you need to do is, purchase the card, load it up with any amount between Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000 (which is the commonly accepted range by most banks), and personalize it by getting the recipient’s name embossed on the card(makes them feel special, ever time!). You can purchase them online or from the bank branches. Here is a low down on where to buy Visa Gift Cards that are widely accepted across lakhs of merchant outlets in India.

The most hassle free way of buying a Gift Card is doing it online. Banks also allow you to purchase the Gift Cards online through their NetBanking facility and send it to the recipient. This is even applicable for eGift Cards. For example, here is how you can purchase HDFC Bank GiftPlus cards through NetBanking.

Step 1: Log in with your NetBanking credentials, which is your customer id and password.

Step 2: Go to the Request section on the left panel.

Step 3: Go to the Cards tab

Step 4: Select ‘Purchase Gift Card’

Step 5: Customize the Gift Card by keying in the name of the beneficiary who will receive the Gift Card.

How can you buy Gift Cards from bank branch?

If online banking is not your thing, you can simply walk into a bank branch, request for a Gift Card application form.  You must fill out all the information requested for in the form, like your personal details, contact information, information about the recipient, and mode of payment. This form also doubles up as a consent form that authorizes the bank to debit the gift amount from your account.

Benefits of the Gift Cards:

  • They are valid up to a year.
  • They give the recipient total independence in terms of how they want to spend the money on the card. They can dine out, shop till they drop or spend it on entertainment.
  • Beneficiaries can also avail off special discounts on the Gift Cards which is offered by banks.
  • They are highly secure. They come with a unique PIN that you can use to check the balance on your card. You can do this at an ATM or merchant outlets. You can instantly hotlist your card in event of loss of cards.
  • They are widely accepted. For example, HDFC Bank Visa Card can be used at more than 4 lakh merchant outlets in India.
  • These cards can only be used in India..


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