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Euro 50 is a medium value euro bill, which was used prior to the adoption of the euro in 2002. Euro €50 Bills note is used by around 343 million Europeans in 23 countries with the euro as their currency alone. For euro banknotes, the €50 is the most common denomination. They represent 46% of all euro banknotes and are in circulation more than 9 billion of them. In the first round, the bills of € 50 will remain legal and will be circulated alongside the new bills and eventually be phased out.

The fifty euro coin with an orange color scheme is the 4th smallest, measuring 140 millimeters (5.5 inches) each. The € 50 note represents the Renaissance period (XV and XVI centuries). The bridges and arches / doors in various European history styles are depicted in each banknote.

The 50 euros coin includes names, EU flags, portraits of the president of the ECB, ECB logos, various EU language EU regions, EU star flags and special security features. The safety features include the portrait window on top of the hologram, which is translucent when viewed against light. The window displays a view of Athens, which is a Greek mythology on both sides of the pages.

The same picture appears in the watermark apart from the emerald number, showing the impact of light that moves up and down when the mark is tilted. The study also provides high printing for visually disabled individuals.

Bills have following Quality :

The same environment.
Stick check
Lifted wear
Used paper precisely
Various serial numbers
Aligned seals
Correct Colors
Good quality printing
Micro Printing
Each hologram.

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