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100 Canadian dollars for sale

Imagine holding a piece of Canadian heritage in your hand. The country’s central bank has made sure you can easily do so with the 100 Canadian dollar note. No nation depicts so many achievements on one bill as Canada does on its 100 CAD. Wartime contributions, medical innovations, scientific discoveries – you name it.

These depictions play a significant role in bolstering the 100 CAD’s authenticity, which is why we are so attentive to their elements. We know what they must look like, what positions they must be printed at, and what security measures they must intertwine with. The result of such meticulousness is that you can buy Canadian hundred-dollar bills online and spend them without complications.

Our notes include the entire range of genuine design and security features:

  • • The portrait of the leader of the country, Sir Borden, and his holographic representation

  • • The building and numerals depicted on it

  • • Small features, like the DNA strand

  • • Maple leaf window

  • • Raised ink in the note’s multiple parts

  • • Hidden visuals and characters that can only be seen under UV light

The color of the Canadian 100 dollar bill differs from most currencies, which is why extra effort must be put into reproducing the same hues and color-shifting patterns. At Globcoffs, we have a professionally trained designer team that keeps track of unique ink formulations to ensure the overall authenticity of the brown-colored banknotes.

Our quality is unsurpassed. Check it out for yourself after ordering Canadian 100 dollar bills in a few clicks.

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